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Our Story

Sockstash was born out of a frustration. A frustration with the ordinary. With cookie-cutter designs. For the designers who have under appreciated talent. 

So we took that frustration, and made Sockstash. 


Sockstash is more than just a traditional sock company - we are a platform that allows artists to bring their unique designs and transformative parody to an entirely under appreciated piece of clothing that we use almost every day. 

We figured that if we felt this frustration, other people would too - and haven't looked back since.


Sockstash is a startup focused on changing how we view socks as an apparel category for fans and designers alike. We wanted to start more than a clothing company. We wanted to create a platform where people could express their ideas, and help out others while doing it. We truly believe that everyone should express their uniqueness, and it is our goal to help each and every person express their own identity.